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Types of Wikis

1. Wikis for Collaborative Learning Projects

These wikis are based on a theme. Classrooms all work on a similar project and learn from each other's work.

Monster Project- Students submit written descriptions and their partner in another school draws a monster based on the description given.
Winter Wonderland- Activities for K - 3 classes.
Alphabet Antics- Primary classes share their learning about alphabet letters and sounds.
December Holidays- Primary classes all did the same holiday task, and then commented on each others' work.
Waterways Project - Three schools from different countries collaborate to share their learning about waterways.

2. Open Wikis to Support Learning

These wikis invite readers from outside the classroom to contribute to the learning of the students:

1000 Names- Collected by a grade one/two class who wanted to collect 1000 of something.
Kindergarten Counting Book- Collecting pictures of up to 100 objects.
Traditions- A grade one class asking you to help them learn.
Weather- A first grade class collects weather information.

3. Wikis as Classroom Web Pages
The teacher uses a wiki to inform parents/friends about classroom activities, and to post links for the class.
Mrs. Patterson's Class
Miss Zorzi's Kindergarten Wiki