Students love to watch video and they love to see themselves on video. Video can be used to share learning and school events.

What kind of camera should I use?

Any camera with video - most digital cameras now come with video capabilities.
Flip - Primary students find this easy to use.
Small Wonder - Another mini cam that is easy to use. It's screen can be turned towards as you film yourself.

Video Hosting Sites

Upload your video to one of these sites. The site will provide you with a URL, or the html code to embed the video into your web page.
Youtube - This is our preference for ease of use and speed. It is blocked by some school districts.

Video Converter -MPEG Streamclip

Examples of Primary Classrooms Using Video

Kindergarten students explain addition.
Grade one students show the sound of the letter K.
Grade two cereal comercials
Grade one students show and describe what is happening as their Praying Mantid sheds its skin.
Kindergarten students share what they found out about another kindergarten class in another part of Canada during a Skype call.

Recording From a Smartboard

If you have a Smartboard, you can record what you do on it and post it as a video. If you use a microphone, it also records sound.

So I Have Made a Video Recording, Now What?

Use the URL, or the embeddable code from your uploaded video to post your video on your blog or webpage. Students will love to watch what they were involved in making. It is a great form of learning--students teaching each other.

Examples of "Professional" Videos to Support Learning

Here are some examples of videos that support learning and can be embedded into your online sites: