Images make your blog or wiki more interesting to look at and tell a story by themselves. To add images to a Classblogmeister blog, they must first of all be stored online.

Online Storage of Images

Flickr This is the site that Maria and Kathy use.

Using Stored Images

  • Children who cannot yet "write" a story can "draw" a story, or the drawings can be used to enhance the text of students who are beginning to write. Children's drawings can be uploaded and then added to your online space.

  • Want more ideas? Images4Education NingNing members use this space to share digital possibilities to help learners develop 21st century skills.

Other Resources for Adding Images to a Blog or Wiki

These resources take still photos and make them into a movie-type format, including music and some text:

Animoto - Takes your photos and makes a movie. You can choose background music from different genres, and add text. Then the site makes it into a movie which you can embed into your blog, wiki etc.
  • Grade one students with their "big" blogging buddies

One True Media - also allows you to upload photos, add music and special effects and then share or embed your movie.

Rock You - Lets you add music, special effects, text and lots of bling to your photos. Also gives you embeddable html.

Voicethread - Add voice to pictures. Also allows voice comments.
  • Grade two students give reports on various countries from around the world