Blogging Tools


This is our favorite for using with young children. Please also consider signing up for the Classblogmeister Ning. Here you will find useful how-to videos, answers to questions you have, and a forum to grow as a blogger.

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Types of Blogs

Generally, there are four types of blogs:

1. Mother Blog

The teacher blogs and the students also have blogs linked to the teacher blog.

Kinderkids, New Hampshire, USA
Mrs. Cassidy's Classroom Blog , Moose Jaw, Canada
Ms. Forsman's Blog

2. Teacher and Students Share a Blog

Ms. Dedek's Multi 1-2 Student Blog
Mr. Sloan's Year Two Class, Manchester, UK
Mrs. Patterson's First Grade Blog
Ms. Wojtera's First Graders, Virginia
Room 4, Nelson, New Zealand
J2M Blog, Melbourne, Australia

3. Teacher Blogs and the Students Comment

Mrs. Martin's Blog
Mrs. Ubell, Grade One, Moose Jaw, Canada
Mrs. Fargo's First Grade

4. Teacher Blogs About Classroom Happenings

Mrs. Toa, Shanghai, China
Little Scholars, Aukland, New Zealand
First Grade Fun Grade One, Robinson, IL USA
Mrs. Tresca's First Grade Blog - information for parents

Cool Things to Make Your Blog Interesting

Clustr Map Each dot on the map represents somone that has viewed the blog--the larger the dot, the more times someone from that location has been there.

Sitemeter A small logo is placed on your blog, but when you click on it, it gives you more information than you ever thought to want about your readers, including listings by location, referring url etc.

Flag Counter A counter shows the flags from each visitor's country along with the number of visitors from each location.

Feedjit Places flags, locations and referring websites in a live feed on your blog.

Who's Amung Us (yes, that is spelled correctly) A world map shows the location of the last few visitors to your blog.

Shelfari Add a virtual shelf to your blog to show your readers what you and your class are reading.

Adopt a Pet Add a virtual pet that moves on your mouse click.

YackPack A walkie-talkie like tool that you can put on your blog. People can talk to you and you to them as long as you both have a microphone and the page with the Yackpack open on your computers. Sign up and choose the walkie-talkie product.

Place a link to a game on your blog that reinforces what you have been teaching.