Many schools that cannot post images of students are allowed to post podcasts, or voice recordings.



Audacity is a recording device that can be downloaded for free. Use it to record your students' voices and then SAVE THE RECORDING AS AN MP3. (This is one of the options on the menu.) Once you have saved it, it will need to be uploaded to the internet.

  • Download
  • Plug the microphone in the USB port
  • Check to be sure it's hooked up (on the Mac System Prefs> Sound> Choose AK5370) (on the PC may mean a restart)
  • Push the Green button to record!
  • Push the yellow button to stop.


  • File > Save Project
  • File > Export as .mp3
  • Import to iTunes

Audacity Goodies

  • Multi-track recording studio.
  • You will need to tweak prefs- built-in mic, stereo, mono, etc...
  • Record in stereo and usually bump down to mono.
  • You try to get the best sound in the smallest file.
  • edit with the eye beam,select, cut, paste, etc. - simple user interface.